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They Actually Believe this Crap

He was apparently expecting a forest of hands to go up when he asked how many of the students had been taught that the DoI and the Constitution were meaningless.

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“Tell Your Liberal Friends…”

“Tell your liberal friends” is one of the funnier dumbass memes among insulated right-wingers, and may be an unrecognized trigger for the rising tide of violent frustration on the right. It’s a sad scenario played out, over and over again.

Sarah Advocates the Harry Weisiger Approach

Exactly how her fans are supposed to “stop the driver” is, of course, left up to them.

Is She Kidding? You Decide.

I liked Victoria Jackson when she was on Saturday Night Live, but at the time I thought her blonde ditz persona was an act. Apparently, it wasn’t.

Godwin Fail

BECK (Pointing at picture of John Lewis, Nancy Pelosi, and John Larson walking arm in arm across the street into the U.S. Capitol): You know what this is? They locked arms, because they wanted to compare themselves to the civil rights activists! How dare you! Oh that John Lewis! He should be ashamed for getting […]

Yep. It’s All Obama’s Fault

Gateway Pundit Headline: Kiss of Death… Obama Picks US Hockey Team Over Canada; Team USA Loses in OT And Rush says: “I knew America was going to lose, because Obama had bet on them.” So how do they explain the Saints’ victory in the Super Bowl?

Bill O’Reilly Daydreams in Public

Look, I have no problem admitting that there are differences in general philosophy and outlook between, say, San Francisco and Greensboro North Carolina.

“‘Tis a far, far better thing I do…”

Here’s James O’Keefe going all Sydney Carton on us…

…And ACORN Also Caused the Levees to Fail in New Orleans!

Glenn Beck:…Let me ask you this…if you were an organization or a city that was just riddled with corruption, and you knew it and everybody knew it, and there as all kinds of funny things going on, and a hurricane blew through, wouldn’t it be convenient if all of your records were destroyed. Caller: (gasps) […]

Obama Madness!

It could happen to your child…and your child…and YOURS!