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The Mute Button

The right wing sense of entitlement has become so swollen that a significant minority believes that violence is the natural and just response to liberals who persist in being liberals.

And a Little Bit Closer…

If anyone is wondering when the Republicans are going to say, “that’s enough” to their base, so far, it looks like the answer is, “never.” “I think that when you use totalitarian tactics, people begin to act crazy…” Representative Devin Nunes on a recent incident where anti-Healthcare reform demonstrators yelled “Nigger” at Rep. John Lewis […]

Thank God

This, thank goodness, puts a damper on the defense’s hope of citing Roeder’s “frustration” as a factor warranting the lesser charge of manslaughter.


Don’t most terrorists believe they are killing and destroying in order to save lives?


These people sound as though they are talking themselves into doing something.

Coming to a Theater Near You!

They think they’re in a movie.

Terrorism Works

Lee Thompson and Dan Monnat, the family’s lawyers, said in a statement that the clinic, Women’s Health Care Services, will be permanently closed, effective immediately. Wichita Eagle 6/9/09 Especially when the powers that be refuse to call it what it is, or treat it as “terrorism.” If anyone doubts this, or believes that we don’t […]

“Who Knew?”

In the meantime, another anti-Abortion “activist,*” Jill Stanek, has posted on her website photos and addresses of the two remaining physicians who do late term abortions.

This is How Bad It Is.

And by “bad,” I mean this is the level of intimidation clinics and clinic workers face. Again — why is the word “terrorism” not being used in coverage of anti-abortion violence? Thanx to Democratic Underground.

Words Have Meaning: Like “Bullshit.”

I am in favor of argument and outrage, of calling people on it when they use hatred and stupidity as a political lever.