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“You Decide. Obama or Your Job.”

Mike Huckabee: I don’t want to say that it (the Supreme Court Upholding ACA) secures his defeat. I think it makes it more likely. Here’s the thing. People are worried about jobs and the economy. But every employer in America is going to say to his employees, ‘Folks, I’m not sure, if Obama is reelected, that I’m going to get to keep you. ‘Cause I’m going to have to spend a lot on money on Obamacare that I wasn’t anticipating, and if I’m going to do that, some of you aren’t going to be with us, come January. ..You decide. You want to keep your job, or keep Obama? Cause one of you has got to go. Either Obama goes, you stay, or Obama stays and you go. You decide. How do American workers decide when it’s put to them like that? So if I’m running a company, that’s the message I give to my employees.

Right you are Mr. Huckabee! And your employees will come away from the meeting with the intent of voting for Romney of their own free will because they’ll be convinced that Romney is the better man.

It will have nothing to do with the veiled threat implicit in a boss announcing the intention of laying off employees if the election doesn’t go the way that boss wants it.

Last week I posted about a thread on Free Republic in which a Freeper bragged about his plans for firing liberal employees. Huckabee seems to be advocating pretty much the same thing. Looks like Republicans high and low have decided that raw intimidation is their only option.

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