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Articles from July 2012

Whether She Wanted to or Not

via Addicting Info from a lawsuit filed by Brenda Honeycutt against the owner of a Duluth Georgia Chick-Fil-A franchise and its parent company: On or about June 27, 2011, Defendant Howard told the Plaintiff she was terminated but he could not provide a reason. On or about June 27, 2011, Defendant Howard told Connie Gravitt […]

This Has to Stop

From As Rainey drew within 4 feet, Roop grabbed his 9mm Glock from his pocket and fired once, striking Rainey in the shoulder, he told police. Rainey fell to the ground, screaming, ‘You shot me,’ in what Roop described as an “antagonistic” manner, according to the report. Roop said he was still in fear […]

Sometimes it can only be summed up…

From The Onion: While processing an online order Tuesday afternoon, sales clerk Eric McCann confirmed to himself that the customer who just purchased 3,000 rounds of ammunition was no doubt a very sensible, stable human being… …with satire.

Dog Whistles

Romney Advisor to the Daily Telegraph on British-American relations: ‘We are part of an Anglo-Saxon heritage, and he feels that the special relationship is special,’ the adviser said of Mr Romney, adding: ‘The White House didn’t fully appreciate the shared history we have’. Via Thinkprogress The article observes that the remarks “may prompt accusations of […]

Cowering Before the NRA

Governor John Hickenlooper, on ABC’s This Week, on whether or not the mass killing in Colorado will prompt him to take another look at the state gun laws: You know, I’m sure that’s going to happen. But I look at this — this wasn’t a Colorado problem, this was a human problem, right, and how […]

James O’Keefe Continues to Ruthlessly Cram a Round Truth into a Square Hole

From Capitol Confidential: “We figured they were shysters,” said Tocci, an assemblyman for 20 years until becoming commissioner of Veteran Affairs from 2005 to 2007. “We tried to be courteous. They were young kids; first thing that comes to mind is that its young idealists, like Occupy Wall Street. We sized it up even half-way […]

Our President Likes to Plan Ahead

Rush Limbaugh, courtesy of Media Matters: Have you heard, this new movie, the Batman movie — what is it, the Dark Knight Lights Up or something? Whatever the name of it is. That’s right, Dark Knight Rises, Lights Up, same thing. Do you know the name of the villain in this movie? Bane. The villain […]

Mindless False Equivalence of the Week

Chris Cillizza in The Washington Post, on the increasing controversy surrounding Mitt Romney’s tenure at Bain: Remember back in the 2004 presidential campaign when conservatives – led by Swift Boat Veterans for Truth — ffectively undermined Sen. John Kerry’s (D) candidacy with a campaign that focused on attempting to discredit his military service in Vietnam. […]

Not Suffering Enough

From “The Sharp Sudden Decline of America’s Middle Class” in Rolling Stone Magazine: “I didn’t wear my best clothes, but I wore a light blouse and jeans, and I guess I was just a little too dressed up,” she recalls. “Because the woman just looked at me and said, ‘Are you in a crisis? Your […]

He Was There for the Boos

Romney to the NAACP: I do promise that your hospitality to me today will be returned. We will know one another.” Let’s be clear about this. Romney’s deliberately provocative speech before the NAACP, in which he not only vowed to repeal healthcare reform, but used the provocative term “Obamacare” for it, was aimed not at […]