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The New Normal

Little Green Footballs, the formerly conservative site now largely dedicating to exposing the nastiness that now forms the American right wing, has a revealing piece up on the right wing reaction to the recent horrific massacre in Afghanistan, in which an American soldier shot to death unarmed Afghan civilians — most of them women and children. In particular the piece focusses on the comments at the Foxnews website, which included things like:

Congratulations to the soldier…give him a heros welcome….buck fobama,

Good. More. Please.

I don’t see a problem here.

“Included” is in past tense because the comments have been closed. – something that has apparently become inevitable on that website whenever there’s a post about the Obamas, or Muslims, or any other subject that might set countless Fox viewers off into murderous racist rants that leave slobber all over their keyboards.

In other words, the sheer volume of unacceptable posts they get requires them to shut down the comments sections. The nastiness isn’t an exception. It’s the rule.

By the way, Public Policy Polling has released a report that the majority of Republicans in Mississippi and Alabama think Obama’s a Muslim, Rush Limbaugh’s a good guy, and evolution is a myth.

This is what the Republican Party’s decades’ long southern strategy has dragged into the mainstream of American politics.

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