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The Dangers of Gay Secondhand Shower Spray

Nicholas Ballasy, CNS Reporter, gets hit hard from the recoil of his question about DADT:

Ballasy: I have a question for you about the working group that Secretary Gates put into effect, he appointed…they recommended that straight military personnel will have to shower with homosexual, openly…

Barney Frank: Do you think gyms should have separate showers for gay and straight people?…I’m asking you, in response to your question, do you think that there ought to be separate showers at gyms? If not, then why in the military?…if people don’t want to shower with gay people, then they’d better not play sports, they’d better not belong to gyms, they’d better not go to colleges, where not everybody has their own bathroom.

Playing “gotcha” with someone as quick-witted and aggressive as Barney Frank is always a bad idea.

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