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In U.K., students seem to take learning seriously

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Student protests may be banned altogether if violence continues
The Independent (UK)

Scotland Yard will consider asking the Home Secretary to ban further student marches should the levels of violence which have marred the recent protests continue, Britain’s most senior police officer said yesterday.

More than 180 people have been arrested after four protests in London against the Government’s proposal to increase student tuition fees.

The most violent scenes were witnessed last week, when protesters clashed with police in Parliament Square. The clashes left 12 police officers and more than 40 protesters injured. The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall came under attack as they were driven to a charity event nearby.

What’s got the U.K. teen and young adult population having a go at Prince Charles? It seems they took considerable umbrage at having college tuition tripled, from roughly $5,000 a year, to about $15,000 a year.

Yeah, I’ll let that sink in to all you folks out there still paying off your student loans. Until recently, a British student could go to college for $5,000 a year, about one third the U.S. cost.

Of course, the London police haven’t exactly helped the situation, what with dragging a protester with cerebral palsy out of his wheelchair, dragging a 12 year-old out of class for simply planning to protest the decision (he was hauled out by the ANTI-TERROR SQUAD who told him that if anything happened at the protest they didn’t like, he would be arrested), beating one protesterhalf to death, actually beating an innocent man to death last year, and shooting an innocent man in the head seven times in 2005.

So far none of these incidents has resulted in anyone being prosecuted, or even fired.

I think America and Britain are in a race to see who can become a vicious police state first.

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